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Go your
own way

An adventure rig built for you

Built like no other

We’ve reinvented what it means to be a pop-up camper

The Hiatus Camper® is our take on the ultimate adventure rig. Lightweight, streamline, and rugged enough to handle any terrain, our campers maintain the complete functionality of your truck, allowing you to go beyond paved roads. We provide the most compact, four season camper on the market without sacrificing any of the creature comforts you love. Our patented technology allows a single-user to open the camper, in any weather condition, in less than 15 seconds. When you’re ready to explore, you can simply pop the cabin down, secure it, and drive off to your next destination!

We spent a year and a half researching and perfecting our design. Our first pop-up prototype took us from the Pacific Northwest to Central Mexico, battling both summer and winter climates. We’ve worked out the kinks in our updated design, including reinventing what it means to be a pop-up camper. No more waiting until the weather permits; with Hiatus Campers® you decide what adventure to go on next.

High quality craftsmanship

We believe in quality over quantity and take great care when creating each camper. We’ve tested and prototyped all of our components to ensure that only the best designs are implemented. Our overbuilt construction means your rig will last for years to come!

built for rugged terrain

The Hiatus is designed to take on any adventure. Our welded and riveted aluminum frame is built to withstand the roughest backroads. Stay warm and dry even in stormy weather with our waterproof and insulated composite pop top!

Custom Options

Design your camper to be a one-of-a-kind rig, built just for you! Pick and choose from the many upgrades and features we offer to create your ultimate dream rig. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Lightweight Construction

With a canopy style base and lightweight pop top, you won’t need to worry about using your rig as a daily driver. By cutting down on weight, each unit is well below your payload. You can still use your truck as a truck, even with your camper on!


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