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Gear Junkie Hiatus Campers Origin Story

How did Hiatus Campers come to be? It all started when a small seed was planted in the minds of our co-founders. In the beginning Tyler and Erin were traveling full time out of a converted truck canopy. After enduring their first rainy season with this build, they just wanted to be able to make a morning cup o’ Joe inside their rig!

This launched them into the idea of a hard-sided pop-up truck camper that could fit on the back of their first gen Tacoma. They built the predecessor to the Hiatus model, which had a much different construction and folding style. At the time they had not anticipated what this endeavor would lead to, let alone that it would turn into a fully fledged company.

During their travels, they met many interested folks who were curious if they could request a build of their own. Without having careers they felt tied to, the possibility of turning this passion project into a reality felt tangible. When they returned home from their travels, they took a leap of faith and decided to pop into the camper industry!

While the first build was very much a prototype, so much was learned during the process that helped shape the history of Hiatus. Without the crucial step of following an inkling, these campers may not have existed today.

Read the full Gear Junkie article at https://gearjunkie.com/motors/custom-pop-up-camper-build

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“We LOVE our Hiatus Camper!” 

“We LOVE our Hiatus Camper!” 

"We LOVE our Hiatus Camper! Nearly 8 mo. of ownership, and more than a few trips taken. It's well built: watertight, cozy & comfortable. Heavy...